Friday, February 25, 2005

Oh, we'll bring the beef!

And some A1 Sauce.

How would you like your steak, sir?

I was doing some re-con, and I noticed that they have 33 members in their gang (some are blogging veterans) and 77 Technorati links. Interests include totally blowing and talking about Pepperidge Farm cookies or some junk.

Although, they appear to be quite strong, they are not classically trained in destruction and sustained street fighting like us.

This will be an all out war. Man your battlestations.

Waiter! *snap snap* I'm ready to order. I'd like my steak tartare--as in really bloody and disgusting to look at.

Friday beginning at 3PM EST!


Blogger Melissa said...


2:52 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Do we have a theme song like the JETS?

2:53 PM  

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