Saturday, February 12, 2005

Reasons Why Joining a Gang is the Right Thing to Do

One of the main ideas being tossed around is that every week we will pick a day and a random blog--Friday at Funnsylvania, for example. When the time is nigh, we will jointly go over to the site and crash his or her comments board, talking about whatever we want to talk about on it. When the day is over, we all just leave. Think of it like an internet flashmob.

Another idea is that we can succumb to the forces of evil and annoy bloggers or sites we don't like. I can think of several lame political blogs that would be ripe for this. Think of it like the movie You Got Served.

Instead of being solitary dots along the terrain, why don't we connect them and loosely unify. It will be good promotion for your blog if you have one and it will give you something fun to do at work besides work.

Alliance of Power also looks great on college applications.

With your help, we will be the toughest and most merciless internet gang in the whole country. Invite your friends.

Also--Let me know if you're interested in developing the site and taking an Admin role.


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