Monday, March 28, 2005

Since we're not being bad asses, we should do something good.

So anyway, the question for the day.

Who is Schuyler and what is her fund?

Schuyler is the 5 year old daughter of Julie and Rob Rummel-Hudson. Rob has run an online journal currently called Darn Tootin (its been called different things in the past)

Rob is one of the best online journal writers/bloggers there is. I said it. I meant it. I did say one of the best so yeah you can argue with me about #1 but if you were to make a list, I'd be very surprised that you could find 20 that are better without discovering some bias such a disdain for smart assery or a disdain for liberals or some such ilk.

Wow that was a passionate opinion. Please don't run away. I'm sorry. read the rest of this.

Rob's daughter Schuyler has a disease called Congenital Bilateral Perisylvian Syndrome. . Yeah that's a mouthful and not in a good way like a Monster Thick Burger

One of her most noticeable and frustrating symptoms from this syndrome is that she can't talk. She is learning sign language but it turns out that there are machines that aid people who can't talk called an augmentative speech device. There has been a lot of conflict and drama between Schuyler's family and her school regarding getting her one. So Rob has set up this fund to buy the machine himself.

This machine would help her communicate with everyone, not just people who understand sign language. Since she can hear, she would be able to utilize the machine and know she is using it correctly.

SO yeah. Give to Schuyler's fund.


Anonymous Rob Rummel-Hudson said...

Very cool, thank you so much.

2:00 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

You're welcome Rob.

Whee whee. I got acknowledgement from the Great ROB! WHEHEHEHEHE

10:50 PM  
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