Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Open Letter To Costco

I have to be honest, I have been to the Costco in North Miami Beach twice. Both times, I have left upset and embarrassed by how rude the employees treated me.

I have been shopping at Costco for years with my family's and friends' memberships, and was happy to finally get my own when I moved to Miami. But I really don't plan on going back anymore.

I was literally yelled at--no exaggeration, yelled at--when I was walking down the aisle and the store was ready to close. It was right at 8:30, the normal time. So I got into line to check out, but realized I dropped my membership card several aisles back when I was trying to pick up a large box. So when I ran back to look for it--and I actually ran, I knew the employees were ready to close--I was then yelled at again to stop shopping, by some guy with a nasty look on his face. So I picked up my ID where I dropped it and quietly asked him to stop yelling at me.

I am a big guy, I'm not easily intimidated. But on both occasions I've been in your store, your employees really have shouted at me, my friends, and other people around me. We just stand there, we don't argue back as it would probably make things get ugly.

I worked at Nordstrom for years, and we would never (a) discourage someone from spending money in our store, nor would we (b) speak to someone with so much as a raised voice. We would be fired immediately if we did. And while a warehouse like Costco is not necessarily where should expect to receive white-glove customer service, it's still a place of business that is dependent on making customers happy.

I have no idea what the management is like at Costco at that store. But I'd be surprised to know that this treatment is company policy. I've received excellent service at other locations--which is the reason I shop at Cosco and not Sam's. I have also received good customer service at other stores in Miami, so the argument that "this is the way things are in Miami" doesn't work.

Please, for the sake of doing the right thing, you have got to get control of your employees. There's no reason for someone to get into a fight because some employee is having a bad day and doesn't like the position of someone's shopping cart or something silly.

Lots of love,
Daniel Renzi


Your feedback is very important to us and we take very seriously
any member service issues within our warehouse locations. As a result,
your e-mail has been forwarded to the warehouse manager for their review
It has always been our policy to treat our members with the utmost
respect and consideration. I apologize for the unfortunate circumstances
regarding your experience in our warehous

Please reply to this email if we have not answered your question.

Thank you,

Costco Wholesale Corporation


To which I responded:

Obviously it is your managers who are responsible for telling their employees to act this way, so forwarding them the email seems a bit futile, no?


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