Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Open Letter To Starbucks

I have been to the various Starbucks locations in Miami Beach (three on Lincoln Road), and each time I order the Iced Non-Fat Green Tea Latte. Every time I get it, the barista doesn't mix it very well and the powder sits at the bottom of the cup and turns to sludge. And every time, I take off the lid and mix it properly.

Today the barista said "I'm sorry, I mixed it the best I could" when she handed it to me. Then when I took off the lid to mix it, she tried to take it from me to mix it again--to which I said "If you've already tried your best, why are you trying to take it again?" It was rude but I've run out of polite things to say after dealing with this every day.

There is no reason there should be any complications in making a glass of tea.

Let me repeat: there should be no complications in making a glass of tea.

It costs almost $4. I bought it because it's tasty. But I don't go in anymore because I can't handle dealing with people who are stumped by the process of correctly making a glass of tea. It's so pathetic. I just go get Cuban coffee next door, for $1.75. It's also delicious.

Please. PLEASE. Train your employees.

Dan Renzi


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