Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I hope you have your TiVos ready. We need to discuss a few things about American Idol.

1) They obviously wanted Jordin to win, when they picked that song. It's like Season 1 all over again, with poor Justin Guarini trying to belt out A Moment Like This. The whole thing is Season 1...awkward big-boned girl who sings loud vs. cute guy with a boy-band voice who dances well and has a big smile and weird hair.

2) If/when Jordin wins, she'll make a really good album, I promise. Someome just needs to tell her what to do.

3) If Paula tripped on her dog, when she fell why didn't she hurt her hands?

4) If you didn't get the same interview where you live: here in Miami there was a bit with Anthony Federov, from seasons ago (remember the blonde skinny guy?). Apparently he's on Broadway in The Fantasticks. Great great show, and I'm sure he's fab in it.

Okay, TiVo-related business:

5) Go to Jordin singing that final song, when they cut to the audience and show Chris Richardson, Phil Stacey, and Melinda Doolittle listening. Look at the expression on Melinda's face. I cannot believe that bitch is up there instead of me. Vicious.

6) Blake has the biggest bubble-butt in Idol history. Seriously, look at his 2nd song. His waistband literally doesn't touch his back, because his pants are just hanging off his butt. And NOTICE, IN SONG 3, he has the front of his shirt out--but the back is tucked in. He's giving it a clear view. Goin' for the gay vote, methinks.

...and on a final note:

7) Did Randy dance on the Janet Jackston Rhythm Nation tour with that jacket?


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