Sunday, October 05, 2008

Michael Brandon: the Monster in jail

We don't usually promote stories about drug addicts, and how "tragic" their lives are, but in the case of adult entertainment superstar Michael Brandon, there is something to be learned: Brandon recently found himself in court (again) charged with selling
crystal, for which he will most likely spend several years in jail.  Brandon has been battling the addiction for many years, and even achieved sobriety at several points in the saga, but he always fell back into using again.  Life, even for a porn star, doesn't always have easy answers.

It should also be noted that crystal meth use is one of the main risk factors in HIV transmission—and it can also cause permanent brain damage.

Brandon, the "Jenna Jameson of gay porn," is a superstar in the adult entertainment field, for reasons involving certain "endowments" he possesses; but his notariety only highlights the depths to which he has fallen, as is detailed in the story. And like Michael's famous endowment, the article about him is long, so beware.  But it's worth the read.

Click here: The Rise and Fall of The Monster [SF Weekly]


Blogger Makana said...

I am trying to keep a low profile but many will know who I am by my experience that I post here. I have been studying abroad and continuing on with my life after porn... I did three scenes with Michael Brandon in 2002.
I also worked as a photographer on Monster Bang I. I further worked as press and a photographer for numerous events he hosted.

We became friends when I met him, through Mickey Skee, at a fund raiser for PROJECT AIDS TIJUANA. We were friends and like brothers for many years from that June of 2000 date...

Brandon was a pilar of strength for me! He was the big brother I never had and he was willing to go out on a limb for my health and well-being. On August 3rd 2002 which was his 3rd birthday in sobriety at the time, I had the honor to interview him for Gay News Netherlands. As a fellow porn star he really opened up to me. Brandon and I had previously been at both the Grabbys and the GAYvN awards where Brandon was declared "performer of the year at both!" Brandon let me ride with him in his limo to these events and I felt so much love for him!

In the Gay News Netherlands Interview, I asked him what it was like to go from the streets and prison to "Man of the year..." He broke down and tears streamed down his face and he said, "Pretty fucken awesome" I remember how spiritual he was! I also remember coaching him when everyone but the two of us got out of the Limo at the Chicago Grabbys,. Brandon was suddenly nervous! He was afraid of rejection or just not winning all the things he was nominated for! I took him by the hand and told him that he had nothing to fear because he had already overcome so much in is life. HE WON SO MANY AWARDS THAT NIGHT!

Brandon always loved me no matter if I was sober or not. In september of that year I had some distressing news and drank heavily... I also did a lot of meth. I called Brandon for help and he prayed with me from NYC to Los Angeles. Another MAJOR pornstar who was clean at the time (and since relapsed) drove me to Tarzana treatment center. Brandon came back to California and agreed to be my sponsor. He taught me about spirituality and about being clean, worthy and beautiful! He planted seeds in me to stay clean and sober and god-willing I shall celebrate 6 years on 12 December 2008!!!!!!

I got a job in NYC and when Brandon was visiting there, he would go out of his way to come and see me and he was sooooooooooo proud that I stayed clean. Brandon influenced me to go back to school and seek a Ph.D. which I am working on....

I have suspected from the summer of 2005 when I bumped into him at a Huntington Beach pool party that he was using and we grew apart.

I could not help him....

Sadly, I lost touch with this sweet angel.

Today, it came to my attention that Michael had relapsed and I spent the entire day and evening crying for my sweet brother...

Michael, if you can communicate with me I wish to help you! In any case, I shall pray for you like you did for me!

Thanks for your love!

2:15 PM  
Blogger Ching Choi Seattle Man said...

You got it all wrong, Makana! He is awful! Michael Brandon is a psychological user and a perpretrator of abuse! Hypocritically for about 6 years he did promo to get men off drugs/meth he was making up syringes and shooting up clients, selling drugs to boys and slamming illegal meht n shit himslef! while secretely. Most people who have positive things to say about this idiot are addicted to porno and the penis!
I ain’t addicted to drugs and porno like the arseholes who think Brandon is a God (which he is not!) Michael Brandon further made CONSCIOUS CHOICES to go back to a life of crime + drugs AFTER he was forgiven by the public, his family, the law and more countless times in the past! Michael Brandon is a FRAUD!!!! He was NEVER EVER CLEAN PEOPLE - if you ever went to his parties or shows you saw countless poppers bottles and him sniffing them like hell! Poppers are not welcome in NA or AA! OH YEAH - and what about those pathetic excuses: “I cannot go to meetings because for me there is no anonymity…” or “Oh the world deserves my cock!” Michael Brandon is a bag of shit and lies and deserves severe and intense punishment! HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN FREE TO CHANGE CAREERS (if you call fucking, fucking-up and fucking around a career!)HE HAS ALSO BEEN FREE TO FIND NEW MEETINGS or relocate! He deserves no empathy because for years he has been on a warpath to burn everyone and steal + take whatever he can!
Brandon has been lying for years and years! He has also been a nasty little thief! UNFORTUNATELY Brandon become famous in the USA! He WAS a good gay porno performer claiming bi-sexuality until 2004 -LOL! However when you get to know him you find an arrogant, uneducated, vain, self-centred arse! He makes up excuses that “with a 10″ cock” he can only “fuck for a living” because “the world won’t let him do nay thing else!” BULLSHIT!!!! Also nowadays there are several larger and prettier penises in gay porn so step aside monster! You are thru! Brandon has given AIDS to 10s of 1000s of people who he also robbed money from. He thinks being a hooker has some glamour and self-worth qualities to it too! He has gotten many 8-17 year olds hooked on both pornography and drugs (both are pretty bad!) He is a public nuisance and a troublemaker! Hopefully the gay public will learn this so AMERICA and the WORLD can be relieved from another porno career of this worthless excuse for a human existence~!
Brandon also harbors that HIDEOUS Mexican illegal alien -MONZON who has for years driven Michael’s friends away due to alcoholism! hmmmm interesting that a recovering drug addict would shack-up with a nasty alcoholic! Let me tell you: “if you hang around the barber shop long enough, you will eventually get your hair cut!” On top of all this why would such a hot porno star want to be with such an ugly and drunk excuse for a man anyhow? The answer is LOW SELF-ESTEEM!!!!!LOL!
He really needs to reform and develop better taste in men for a start + find a REAL JOB - come on! Oh and you can count on a porno star being DESPERATE when he makes a dildo of himself! This is a last ditch effort of a “HASBEEN” to salvage his career! Reminds me of pathetic Ryan Idol! LMAO!!!!!!!! Don’t worry Michael, you can be Johnny Johnston the denture queen’s boyfriend (AGAIN!!!! lol!!)!!!! That is if you can afford a plane ticket to Massachusetts!
PS - are you still WAITING for your (fickle) fans to pay your legal bill? God you are stupid! + ugly ++ old! +++ no longer the biggest dick (oh I mean cock) in porno! GET LOST!
PPS- making up excuses that he is in a disease and not consciously stealing and cheating the public is not helping Brandon — when he truly wants to reform ie get a real job, stop being a victim then he will get countless support from NA people!
A former client form the music industry came forward this week. His name is Kip Cohen. He loved brandon but was addicted to slamming meth in 2002. Brandon, claiming he was clean, used to make up cohen's syrenges, shoot him with the needle and then inject his hard bare back cock into Cohen! Brandon claiming on the outside that he was clean usd to shoot up clients and fuck them roaw to the point that many got AIDS from Him!

12:41 PM  
Blogger Matt L said...

He stole from me too! He said that times were tough and if he could advertise as an escort on my former website: as an escort he would pay me back. I gave him 6 months free advertising and because I also worked for Michael Jones aka “Who Boy” I knew Michael Brandon got many clients at my expense because of the countless escort reviews sent to “Who Boy” to be posted on Jones’ site This was an escort review site. Jones died of a heart attack in 2004 but used to call me about his former friend Michael Brandon and the mean things he Brandon would say and do to him. The last year or so that Who Boy was up and running, Michael Brandon received a plethora of negative reviews but Jones and I did not publish all because Brandon kept promising he would fix everything/ He never did and never paid me for my website space which was my sole source of income at the time! He really took me. I have copies of most the negative reviews and to get even I might post them on the net so his hypnotized fans can see how bad he really is. MATT LATONA

7:12 PM  
Blogger Egatha said...

I know a lot of toilets are programmed to flush themselves. HOWEVER, with michael brandon this is not possible due to his being way too full of shit and utterly clogged up! The vain prick who thinks he has enough personality to give his penis a separate name should be shot! He's an asshole!

1:42 PM  
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7:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I met Michael for the first time very recently. I was unaware of his past and had never seen one of his porn movies. There are many unkind words written about him here and I don't know enough to judge, but maybe, just maybe he's changed. I didn't spend much time with him, but he was sweet, mature, clean, charming, soft-spoken, kind, and an overall really wonderful man. He was honest and open about his past. I don't know enough about him and would rather make my own judgment, but my first impression is that he is a sincerely great guy who probably just made a few fucked up mistakes in his past, which just makes him human. I found him not only physically beautiful, but very easy to speak to and very charming. A nice guy.

7:35 PM  
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